Album Review: Madre // Arca

Arca’s last album KiCk i saw her deconstructing the realms of hyper-pop, encased in pulsating club-kid beats and collaborations with Björk, SOPHIE and Rosalía. However, with Madre, she embraces classical arrangement to reveal her exceptional talent as a musician, vocalist and a lyricist. By singing in her native tongue she manages to display a level of authentic vulnerability and anguish that permeates more so than any other work in her back-catalogue. A maxi-single project features four re-wor

The Beach Boys Consider TV Special for 60th Anniversary

A TV special to mark the 60th anniversary of The Beach Boys could soon be in the works, according to the band’s co-founder Al Jardine. The special would commemorate 60 years since the band recorded their first single ‘Surfin’ back in 1961. Speaking to The Rolling Stone Jardine outlined that though a fulll commemorative tour would be unlikely, he was keen to mark the occasion. “I do believe we will. Well, not a tour. We’ll hit some very important … 10 or 20 areas of the world. Who knows, maybe

Album Review: White Pony 20th Anniversary Reissue x Black Stallion // Deftones

Sacramento band Deftones released the seminal White Pony 20 years ago; it’s a hybrid of alternative metal, post-hardcore and trip-hop that is considered by many as the magnum opus of their career. Moreno’s violent, impressionist imagery layered with the atmospheric-laden instrumentation is what set the band apart from the nu-metal genre they were erroneously lumped in with. After the release of November’s Ohms which continued a trajectory of exceptional releases, the band announced the long-plan

I Got Hired: Digital Marketing Intern at ParkSmart I Got Hired: Digital Marketing Intern at ParkSmart- Careers and Employability - University of Liverpool

Charity Swales studied MSc Marketing and BA Hons English degrees at the University of Liverpool and is now working as a Digital Marketing Intern at ParkSmart in Liverpool. Which aspects of your course do you think have been the most beneficial to your career development? My Masters in Marketing gave me a deep theoretical understanding of the field which means I can draw on my knowledge and critical thinking to develop a sound strategy. Although it is in academic setting the case studies I did

Book Review: how the first sparks became visible // Simone Atangana Bekono

Appearance is an attribute which can welcome a number of different pre-conceptions of a person, whether that be their history, interests or racial origin. Often embellishments of the body from clothing to tattoos can provide a welcome means of expressing personal identity. The body we are born with, can, on the other hand, infer conceptions of heritage and collective identity which may be incongruent with the inhabitants own identity. This is something which Dutch poet Simone Atangana Bekono exp

‘The Glass Man’ — A Satirical Thriller On The Mundanity of Corporate Life: Review

Middle-class life. A corporate job, the extortionate London home, expensive suits and the beautiful partner is instilled as the eudaimonia of society. Think again. Director Cristian Solimenos’ thriller The Glass Man deconstructs this seeming utopia through protagonist Martin Pyrite’s (Andy Nyman) descent into debauched pandemonium, a continuum shattered by the unforeseen future. Originally screened at Frightfest in 2011 to critical acclaim, The Glass Man finally has its alleged “long-awaited” U

Theatre Review: Pareidolia // Off The Page Theatre

During the COVID-19 epidemic, existential-crisis is something that many of us have faced head-on as lockdown means we are encased within the way-too familiar four walls of our rooms. As the ‘new normal’ has led to a physical and often mental disconnection from many of our closest peers, we have been left in a period of self-reflexive grappling with identity. The ‘new normal’ of social distancing and masks have also been something which the theatre has had to adapt to. Off The Page Theatre, in Pa

Track Review: Enough Is Never Enough // The Clockworks

Anecdotes of the simultaneously idiosyncratic and mundane characters of everyday life pervade the narrative of the latest single ‘Enough is Never Enough’ from Galway band The Clockworks. With Joycean vigour, outsider observations of the bigoted cafe owner through to the buskers in reverie are unified by their existence within a corrupt and unjust society. All soundtracked behind an infectious melody and jaunted instrumentation. Written during lockdown when disillusionment and restlessness have

‘Leap Of Faith’ – An Artistic And Moral Inquiry Into ‘The Exorcist’: Review

A film like The Exorcist needs little introduction. As one of the most notorious films in cinematic history, the expectancy set that precipitates The Exorcist has instilled its place in popular culture. Alexander O’Philippe—known for his documentary essays on classic films such as Psycho—in his sixth feature Leap Of Faith handles an intimate viewing of the internal processes behind the most highly mythologised horror films of all time.

Tim Burton set to direct a live-action ‘The Addams Family’ TV reboot

Everyone’s favourite gothic blueprints The Addams Family is set to return to the screen, 56 years after they made their live-action TV debut. Deadline reports that Tim Burton – the purveyor of pop-victorian gothic culture – is rumoured to produce and possibly direct in what will be his first live-action TV series. Smallville executive producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar have been brought on board as head writers, as well as fellow producers and showrunners. The Addams Family story has been

HMLTD @ Arts Club| Review

It’s been two and a half years since HMLTD played to a raucous crowd at the now deceased Magnet, as they were riding high on the tsunami of industry hype. Refusing to let industry hype sweep them up with an undercurrent of ‘cancelled culture’, ex-band members and being dropped by Sony, the five-piece finally released critically acclaimed ‘West Of Eden’. While maintaining earlier themes of death and the macabre, the album moves into a more politically engaged and mature subject matter. On the ad

Gig Preview - HMLTD @ Arts Club

London five-piece HMLTD bring their flamboyant post-punk and glam rock-inspired circus to Liverpool Arts Club on Thursday 13th of February. Following a steady stream of singles, and support slots with the likes of Shame, the band head out on their biggest headline tour to date. It comes following the announcement of their long-anticipated album ‘West Of Eden’, set to be released on the 7th of February 2020. Formally known as Happy Meal Limited, HMLTD bring opulence both sonically and visua

LGSM's Album Roundup- 2019

2019 has been… well, it’s been. But whether you’re bogged down by the political chaos of the past year, or eager to make a fresh start in a new decade, no one can deny that 2019 was a stellar year for music. However, it feels like between the well-deserved praise of the Tylers and Ellishs of the industry, a fair few albums have soared under the radar. So, here at LGSM we’ve made it our mission to collect some of our top picks of 2019, that include some comebacks from old favourites, and some new

World Vegan Month- Liverpool's 10 best vegan-friendly restaurants

If you’re vegan you’ll be accustomed to the same spout of questions every time you mention it in passing, ‘but WHERE do Vegans get their protein from?’, ‘Do you just eat lettuce and stuff?’ and ‘Don’t you miss meat?’ Well, 2019 has been the vegan revolution and we live in a world where a measly Subway salad sandwich is a thing of the past, and plant-based power is dominating the aisles of Asda. Vegans are faced with the unthinkable possibility – choice. However, with this surge in popularity

Fontaines D.C. @ Liverpool O2 Academy |Gig Review

Fontaines DC have come a long way since I last saw them in February. Following a Mercury-nominated album in ‘Dogrel’ and a gruelling touring schedule, the lads make their Liverpool debut at arguably the city’s worst venue – the O2 Academy. It’s no surprise that the gig is one of the most anticipated in Liverpool this year, as you can tell the variety of people their music resonates with just looking at the demographic of the crowd. From Radio 6 dads, to enigmatic teens, the Irish quintet have at

DMA's @ Manchester Arena- Gig Preview

Supporting Liam Gallagher, the Australian DMA’s are returning to Manchester for a gig this November. Sydney troubadour’s DMA’s return to the North West, supporting Oasis legend Liam Gallagher on his date at Manchester Arena on November 20th. After a steady stream of summer festival appearances, UK support slots, and headline tours, the band have become modern-day idols for aficionados of bucket hats and dark fruits. The band recently released the slow burner lead single, ‘Silver’, from their f
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